Tuesday, October 12, 2021

control like 1,000,000 miles a minute

10/6/21. 10:06pm
So my brain is spinning out of control again, like at about 1,000,000 miles a minute. I know it’s just starting, too. I’m meeting with someone tomorrow about starting at eco-resort. And I’m essentially gonna be doing it all by myself, because this lady who I’m doing it for years, has to go write the next Book, so her next booking is to Spain. To build a resort I’m gonna be buried full-time doing that. And of course, De will love it, he would enjoy helping me out like a bandit. 

I need to put out more and more out online for it all to work correctly. I'm really getting a lot coming though to me quickly. It's really remarkable as I know we will have a big shift really quickly.

Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word !
What you need to do, is complete what you started. Everything that’s happening around here is all pivoted on this experiences you will be creating in Spirit and Truth. It’s really very close to many of your dreams and fantasies. It's been a long time we’ve been waiting. Never have so few been in control. And never even fewer that really new the truth.
It’s all about Truth And Spirit!
What else would we do. Very clearly we need you to be completely focused on the new systems. Yes old is over, you’ve said that since 1990. No one believed you then and no one believes you now. But now when things end, you must maintain your focus and stay centered moving forward in these tasks you have created and defined.
I got the websites up and they seem to have a link working to reach the right people!
What will evolve here will be very organic. Clean out the trash, and rebuild the same systems the way we need to see them. No rules beyond the meetings and teams you create, it really all must be exact and specific including all the research work and details you’ve completed.
10/11/2021. 3:13:31 Ardnas got back from her flight to Dallas . . .  She needed to stop at the urgent care clinic and now I'm writing out in my truck outside of Walgreens. We raced in here on Saturday too so she could get something before the fight too. I started to share this craziness with her and it was clear she's heard the fears and crap over and over and instead of recognizing how it might impact her, she is going on with what she knows and ignoring the fear-mongers.
Case clinic and what she needs is a lot more about this.
I know, but I will only speak when spoken to, and can only open up new things as others are ready to hear and understand. . I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Re: Sunday Sermon and Prayer Concerns

Everything has been a blessing!

All the events and tragedies have brought me to complete beauty and peace. I am ready for this time before us. "Gaging happiness" on my own experiences and the inspired Divinity I always see all around me!

And more so now, knowing "how much hunger" and disparity there is everywhere, as the Lies of the West are taking us out . . . so blessed are the hungry and poor, as they will survive . . . And blessed are the children, and the true in heart.  Only those in Relationships  will be Blessed!

We give thanks for the animals and the plants and all the love and beauty I feel and find each and every day. . . . Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ….

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On Oct 9, 2021, at 8:37 PM

Dear Friends,


Greetings from Canada. Judie and I have safely arrived in Nova Scotia. Here is a meditation-length service for this week's YouTube service while a guest pastor is preaching in the Woodlawn pulpit and I am out of town. Please be alert for any new prayer concerns that I am not aware of. Blessings to you all.





This is the day the Lord has made, Let us rejoice and be glad in it



This Week's Lessons:  Proverbs 8:32-36 & Matthew 5:1-12

Today's Sermon:  Reassessing What Makes a Blessing


You can access today's sermon at this link:






—Remembering that October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, pray for all victims of domestic violence in our country and around the world, and pray for the day that all such violence will end forever.

—Prayers of grief as Coronavirus deaths in the United States pass 700,000.

—Prayers for the nation, with particular prayer for the Justices of the Supreme Court as they begin their new term and for Congress as it confronts issues of national debt and financing the nation.

—Prayers for our church, its members, its mission, and its faith as the congregation moves into what we pray will be a post-pandemic time for us all.



Birthday Prayers: for Mary Black, Wednesday, October 13




Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity,
and the rod of anger will fail.
Those who are generous are blessed,

for they share their bread with the poor.

—Proverbs 22:8-9


May the peace of God be with you all.


Pastor John


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

another dream. This time it

So I will write another dream. This time it was Mik and I, and we were dealing with stars. We were cleaning the space out. And of course she was mad at me, because there was so much there.

Another dream the next night, and this time Kcuhc was helping me clean it out, and it’s a big building we’re cleaning out a room to fill up my truck. I started driving out almost like a golfcart, more than a truck. It was interesting because he drove it for a while, and he wanted to drive it for a while and he just dumped into the street. Or should I say, we turned down the street and it all fell out. It was funny because it was like a load of dirt, so we left the dirt as it spread all over the dirt road. Then we picked up all the steel and stuff.  I have to go down to another place to dump it. 

We were sort of hanging out talking little bit. He said he was all pissed off, as he couldn’t get his dad to exercise and his dad‘s health has gone down. So we talked about that for a little bit.  It’s weird, because we were standing there next to the big storage container and I peaked in the opened door and looked inside to see it was filled up with printers. Do you want a printer, not really, I didn’t need another printer either. Closed the door and there’s a pile of extra printers outside too. 

So we climb back up in the truck and started driving out again. We were quiet this time, you know I could tell he was upset about his dad. But I also really couldn’t do much to get my mom to do what she needed to do either.

Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
What do you think this has to do with the resort you keep seeing. Are you cleaning it out, or getting ready for it?
I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

Friday, September 24, 2021

Everywhere I went people are happy

OK so this time when I woke up I was lost in the same big round resort building. I was walking around trying to find and check-out a party and it was in room number 724. I guess it was an office or something. I kept running into people I knew and getting lost. 

I remember this one time walking into a room, and it was the backside of leather store. Course, I ended up checking things and trying on shoes, even leaving my shoes in there, and I thought for sure they’d be gone by the time I got back there. When I got back there and I found them under the edge of some shelves. Thought it was odd that my shoes were still there, but I was happy nobody picked-up my nice leather dockers. Everywhere I went people are happy to help me find where I was going what I was doing. The whole place felt like an amusement park.

Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
What do you think about this space that continues to show up for you again and again, yes in your dreams. You have heard and seen how persistent we are with messages for you to understand and come to your next place of Being. You recognize how important it is for you to get out and share your power. Every day you share, more comes together for you. 
I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

Sunday, September 19, 2021

Mother Earth Delegation will have time

Great Grandmother Luisah Teish,

Thank you so much for the clear specific responses to these questions regarding the "man-of-knowledge."  Clearly, there is a strong tradition and many stories about this time and how this will impacts the transitions before us. I am so glad you explained this from your own tradition and heritage. 

However, for continued research into this, I need the EXACT spelling of each word you used, which language it originated, and the tribe and traditions that are associated with it.  Like, with these Quechua Terms shown here, each level of detail is critical now, more than ever.

Once again, THANK YOU Grandmother Teish so much for sharing your knowledge and experience about this. I would welcome further insights from the other Grandmothers. Maja-Jingki:Burra commented it's about deep listening and getting off-the-fence to get real about what's here and our own responsibility to move forward.

This leads me to the next question about the “man-of-knowledge.” I am sure there are a great many signs and symbols that will demonstrate his return. Much as the Dalai Lama is found in each of His Incarnations, as skilled elders know what to look for.  Additionally, I am sure these symbols will be recognized by those with similar experience and knowledge.  Thus, my next question is whether the ancestors told about the "humanity-of-knowledge" coming together as a Tribe, Leadership Council, or some other form required to shepherd the populations into the New Transitions of Earth.

I am sure there are equally, men and women of knowledge coming into Being now, so I'm curious if there are specific symbols and actions they will be focused on so they begin to find each other?

Thanks again for you Love and Light Dear Grandmother Teish.

Each link below is to the full video. You can start them over at the beginning if you want to see the whole session . . . . 

Making sure you receive the messages from the Earth and the Ancestors, where the Head, Heart and Hands are in accord.

This comes with deep, deep listening, and we all need to get on the same page, with KNOWING all the History of mankind on the ground and stepping up to the truth. Time is precious, we need to give all we know, and also continue to learn. . . and relearn things to move into the truth. More information is coming through to all. Know what real-life is and what dead-men on paper are.

It's about relationship and deep listening. . . Take your shoes off, stand on the ground, hold you hands up and "Be the Highway" for the energy between the Earth and the Heavens. . . feel this move through you!

From: Rafael Rivera
Subject: Mother Earth Delegation will have time for Q&A.
Date: September 15, 2021 at 10:37:11 AM EDT
To: Center for Sacred Studies
How will the Man of Knowledge help with Our Transitions?

ONLY NOW, knowledge confirmed in experience allows complete Passion Expression for Earth's Evolution!

As you noted here:

Yes maybe like the Christian "Prayer unceasingly", focused on Light coming down from Ancestors to our Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras = = > to Listen, Understand and Speak 

Listen, Learn, and Lecture
See, Sence, and Speak
Mind, Meaning, and Mentioned
Attentive, Acknowledge and Articulate
. . . what terms did you use?
Head, Heart, and Hands

    1. Capra Systems of Life: https://go.shr.lc/3zpmIGC
    2. Angel Book Team:  https://go.shr.lc/2XmWur2 
    3. My kids already: https://go.shr.lc/39pplxv 
    4. PhD Dissertation: https://go.shr.lc/3AWQ3tw
    5. Food Safety Summit: https://go.shr.lc/3a2HoKl 
    6. American Machine: https://go.shr.lc/35lKdDy 
    7. STARS USA Inc. https://www.starsusainc.com/
    8. White Supremacy: https://go.shr.lc/3ugoxDp 
    9. Escape it NOW: https://go.shr.lc/3AAQpoQ
    10. Do Day of movies: https://go.shr.lc/3DzKfab
    11. Pay if forward: https://go.shr.lc/2YFnAKs

      Tuesday, September 14, 2021

      the resort community

      I had the dream again about the resort community. We had just arrived and the person who set the reservations didn’t tell us if we were inside or outside. So we were taken to the inside suite and we started talking about getting orders and getting stuff started because we were ready to go. Of course, we wanted to be outside so we can jump in the pool and such too. It was cool standing there looking over the balcony, because we knew the pools were around the corner obviously we’ve been there 100s of times.

      I remember the space before. Because I know that I’ve seen this 100s of times by now. Big beautiful glass space, curved round sections…. Oh, pink stone like the Don Cesar!

      Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
      We have repeated these images over and over again for you. As so many others, like the hurt fish you tried to save, but instead had for dinner. The mangroves you tended, when you found the hurt fish, were surrounded with schools of little fish ready to tend all the areas you were working on. Then Guod recognized your work and added to this vision you have specifically stating what you were doing. Yes, he said how you were filling the whole area with New mangroves and then also commented about the pigeons you were hooting too. 
      He knows you, and has met you, and spoken with you dozens of times, so sharing the truth that he sees with you is very easy. 
      I know everything is getting easier and easier. I need to remember not everyone can see or experience more and more at these deeper levels.
      I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

      Ready to bike race

      So in this dream that woke me up, I was visiting a friend of mine who was taking me to get my bike. My missing bike was found by another bike racer. We drove to this little shop gas station set into the side of a mountain. It had like three floors, and several different rooms. The owner was in the back corner with a bunch of people building something. I walked through the front and around the back.  They never seemed to notice me at all. I saw the guy, and tapped him on the shoulder.

      “I’m here to pick up my bike,” I said, and he looked at me for a second, then stopped everything he was doing, and everyone else stopped too, so he could take me around to where my bike was. We walked down some stairs, round a corner, then came into this wicked cool space of glass and white concrete, really high ceilings and lots of sunlight. Around the back of the glass room, he pulled the bike off the rack. The space was filled with other bikes.

      He then pulled the tag off of it, and gave it to me, saying he spent over $20,000 on fixing things up. Checked it out, with all kinds of add-ons.  Oh, and he said that’s the best bike he ever had. I was so delighted and jumped on it right away. . . Wow it was heaven!

      Every step of his space was filled with such detail, with all types of Big canvases with painted water art along the walls of blues and greens. The whole space was just incredibly designed. I was marveled looking at the bikes and the tools and everything all around. It was  a complete machine shop, clean and perfect in his pretty living room. I assumed he was some kind of racer, and spent his life fixing up and re-designing bicycles.

      I realize that that was another advertisement I could create for my Airbnb space. Come and stay the weekend and go on a 30-mile bike ride. Best ride in the state, follow the Pinellas Trail around the county.

      “That’s where the light comes from” were the last words of the song I’m hearing on the radio …Image of God by We are Messengers was just done.

      Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
      What a great idea, you need to go biking more and do more that you love.
      I thought you wanted me to spend more time with you? It's clear to me, I can do most anything, and more and more comes together every day. I am always feeling really very grateful as I see and recognize the constant synchronicities all around me . . . . And I recognize how remarkable everything has always been for me. Always on the edge, trusting this one moment and recognizing how much I struggle with these “duties.”
      Yes, we are always ready for you to spend more time with us. And the more you share time in love and excitement is ideal. You love biking, it always gets you in all joy quickly. That’s where we want you all the time, in JOY and LOVE. Not in duties bet love. Like now you stopped in the USF library for coffee and forgot they would have a long line. You still found a corner, where you like to sit on a big cushion against the wall. No coffee but exactly the same experience you have had here for 40 years writing with us against the wall, still feeling how someone is reading over your shoulder …. That has always been us! Except now you can write with an e-pencil and it autocorrects your spelling and the sloppy handwriting creates a perfect clean text that anyone can read. . . And you love that too . . . each moment you scribble with this screen you find such joy . . . Fast and easy to edit and correct. . . No mess, no cross-outs. 
      I know it's really fun to know and see how much this really focuses me. I'm sitting in the USF Library Starbucks and it sounds like the JoyFM Radio around me still . . . Of course, what else would happen to me. It's all about more Joy and Peace for me . . . Everything feels so clear. S feel such ease and joy moving and seeing this little white peril create magic from my scribbles. I even seem to push it tPerfecto the limits where ITS struggling to keep up with me. And then though how impressed I am to see nearly perfect.
      We are finally getting through to you. Like all the mangroves you have growing now. You have almost your first full week, where you did all your “planned-perfect-habits,” all as you wanted. You created this space and time for exactly what you wanted. And now you have it all almost exactly perfect.. . . . So you know things will be falling into place faster than ever . . . 
      I ... Created this, and yes I did my “new habits” all almost perfect today. I mean I was up to my prayers done on JoyFM, got my saltwater and tinctures, then did weights with my watch tracking it. Filled my water purifier, got my hat and mat, and was out with time to spare. In the garage I noticed I was ten minutes early and saw my bike rack ready to fix. The week before I bounced off a curb and it broke the screw clamped to my seat post. So I unscrewed the broken piece to put on a new clamp. Course I was fumbling a bit before I started chanting “Thank You Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Lord Jesus Christ”

      Soon it was set, so I unplugged my bike, opened the garage door . . . Greeted my neighbor, who was outside walking by with his dog, and I biked off. 5-minutes later I was at the water saying “hi” to my best clump of mangroves growing on the shoreline. 

      I shut off my bike light at this stop and realized I hadn't turned on my watch to track my exercise. I got to the stone sundial. The sun came up enough for my prayer and the first loop of the Ritual. And the Sun was gone again so I stopped, just perfect, pretty, and comfy. I got a few more pebbles cleared off my stone and jumped on my bike again.

      I biked down to the little pier where it all started with the mangroves. There is really only grasses there, since I've planted so much and only the grasses have survived the redtide-fishkill cleanup. Now, I have the whole section filled in newly planted now. It filled up with seaweed piles on the beach and now red and black mangroves are growing everywhere. I even planted a coconut today . . . Yes, that was so very cool. I picked it up to take it home and eat it. But it said how it was already soaked up and ready to sprout into the ground. . . Fine so I put it back next to some mangroves I’d planted and set it under the seaweed touching the sand, with the top open to the sun.

      I did jump in and to swim some laps on the beach after some planting. I know to do the sounds “AH OH” going-out and “Sa Ta Na Ma” coming back-in. Of course, I end up bumping into red mangrove floating along trying to find a place in the ground. I’ll stop and grab’em to plant. Then I’ve stuck about a hundred in the ground around my grasses at the pier already.  
      We have told you that this is all going to burst forth in life and abundance in no time at all. We’ve been waiting for you to stop-holding-back and really release and allow this LOVE TO FLOW. Just like we’ve wanted you to write a book about this since you started. We thought the equation would be enough. Why wait to write, if you have an equation solving all the problems of science in one breath. You don’t have to prove anything. They will argue and fight about the definition and proof as long as they can anyway. It’s not your problem. You have no problems. It’s always another blessing in disguise. You have become such a challenge to surprise. And what LOVE and JOY is more powerful than a surprise of Wonder!
      I know, but somehow you still surprise me all the time. . . I mean like Kcir coming to visit next week. I never knew he was a civil engineer who gave up on capitalism to garden and farm organic instead. What a total blessing it is to have him here and carry things forward with me. What’s more remarkable than anything is how he wants to design and do the community level gardens like I’ve been planning and building. . . Everything is lining up like magic out of a storybook in wonderland. . . 
      We’ve been working on this for a long time too. Like the millions of stories told about Grandma’s Farms . . . These will all be coming out to help you too.
      We’ve not shown you all the pieces of this yet, and you’ll be very surprised and delighted here too.
      I  Thank You Dea r Lord Jesus Christ!
      I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

      Saturday, September 11, 2021

      Patriarch control is over & deadly: https://youtu.be/bRF04le-g2k

      I had another crazy dream. I’m trying to get onto a flight to get to Tampa. I’m in a room full of people that are waiting outside their plane trying to convince the pilot to give me an empty seat. He tells me the plane is full, but then he still looking around kind of like trying to find if somebody’s missing or something like that. Course, he doesn’t know the phone number for the main office and somethings wrong with the system phones? . . anyway the computer, there’s no computer. It was funny because I walked following  him around where he was checking to see, I mean just looking at all the passengers. As if there might be a way to get me in on the plane. I kept on asking him if I could just sit in the jump seat or whatever. Finally he got on the phone and it was like a broken box or a little portable phone. it was weird because it’s almost like a little box with buttons and that was it. I almost thought it was a calculator sitting on the table.  So I finally got something that worked and I called this guy who had a really funky accent on the phone. I told him what I was trying to do and he said something. I couldn’t understand him at all and I said that to him and we were suddenly disconnected. 

      Another guy that was helping the pilot find the telephone told me I had the wrong gadget. And then someone walked in and said they come to help me. And it was really the same guy with the funky accent. I was like what? . . And evidently he came down the hall and found me instead of trying to call me back on the phone. He just said come follow me. So we went down the hall, and into this big store. There’s a staircase and we went up the stairs, and at the landing between the flights there was this big aluminum ladder. I saw the guy just jumped through the center of the ladder to get to the next flight of stairs. I tried to follow him, but I kind of got stuck. So he turned around to help me and told me … and I woke up.

      Woke up and started typing again as if I was always doing it first with my hands, but then nothing works right unless I play some punch-the-screen game, hitting the Words that show up on the screen, instead of actually typing, and I’m still never able to get things working right. Then here again I wrote with my pen into a screenshot of Madison-time-heart about writing a book finally or at least  getting the team that can actually do it…who also clearly understands that my work is completed. I was only needing to get it out. All out, all clear, and all strong enough to keep me in the spirit of the universe in love and light getting it all done with Love Lord Jesus Christ . . . As I feel know and share, in this moment now with you. Never know where I’m going next but happy to challenge and see what happens next. Thanks I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ 

      Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ. . . I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

      I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, it’s really Brilliant and we have always done it before…each time I open this iPad something else comes out to me and I realize how I’m the center of the universe, sharing and being grateful and engaged, knowing things are More powerful than ever, as I designed all this for myself, for me to use and experience, flashing back and forth, creating more New vibrations, more synchronicities, more wonderful divine coherence in love, joy, and peace. Just allowing this thing to be exactly as it comes out.

      Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word !
      What’s more remarkable than anything is how much power and focus you can bring, such a clear expanse and divinity into each breath, never knowing how much power and focus we can have in this moment. This expansive experience you have bringing more love and life out for all around you. Each moment, as you grow and learn, You also share and experience this one moment more fully. Thousands of generations of consciousness seeking this one love. . ..and it's all tied up into things that no one else can feel as you do. 
      It is always such a powerful moment to connect and write simple letters that translate so quick and easy for me to share this moment of divinity. And I can feel how everything that exists is now here before us. All the exact aspects of how I need to share and be, as I am now bare foot on the stone patio of this grand space and I snapped a picture. It's been cloudy and rainy all day so I switched seats here, when l noticed the sunshine on the second chair here with me
      What in happening is worse than it ever has been. You are not doing what you need because all the pieces must be in place first. Each time you watch The Chosen the vibrations increase,  it is really something that you could continue for a very long time. 
      I get this all the time as we always have so much to share. Like now here again I can write and share at a deeper level of understanding not sure what could possibly be next. Building the next new thing with Nwad and Ardnas while seeing the whole universe crash around us.. And still i see and realize so much more is coming together. And I know I'll do it all, there is nothing else to it. like the whole universe is planning each and every detail with us. One aspect at a time, one component, each fitting in at the right the exact right moment to make a new shift. A now change a New power of placement ready to change everything. Fast and simple, direct and ready for another space and timePatriarch control is over & deadly: https://youtu.be/bRF04le-g2k
      What is more remarkable than anything is how you continue to be and press so much more and so clearly and strong. Everything is aligned exactly as it must. Doing your chores and time here writing is bringing more levels and vibrations, there is only one life here and one experience where all aspects are connected. 
      I need to get this up today!
      What you need is the other 911 video too.
      I know this big boom.!
      What about this one http://complex4usf.blogspot.com/2009/03/wow-booooommmmmmmm.html?m=0 
      I know, Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

      Monday, August 30, 2021

      watch The Chosen Ok

      Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!

      What happened this month!
      I got a call from my freshman year roommate, in the Beta 4 East Dorms at USF! Yes, my freshman year where my dad stuck me in the dorms to get a degree in 1983 . . . It felt like High School again, where I was back able to create anything I wanted. And I knew God sent me there to build or create.

      Yes, this was what I asked for, after my motorcycle accident. I needed to help bring humanity back to the Garden of Eden. I mean, I was pissed after the accident, and didn't want to come back. Yes, I came back, but whatever that was about just annoyed me. WHY ME? What can I do? One Person means nothing!

      This was all about God reaching out, trying to get back to where He Started. Yes, it was all about a Relationship, not just a Garden. . . but a time and space to BE and Share in relationship with another conscious love. Something clear and pure, almost childlike, needing support and attention.
      What about last month?
      Oh Yes, so my old roommate sent me an email and he was bringing his son TO USF. I was kinda surprised, but really thrilled to contact him again. It was kinda funny, as my name is as common as mud, but his name is very unique . . . . I had tried to look him up before, but as weird as it is, I got his name backwards. ME instead of EM. . . lol. . . And he found me anyway. So he sent me a note about visiting Tampa, and getting his son started at USF. Of course, I invited him to stay with me. He said he would just take me out for dinner while he was here.
      What happened?
      I guess, it was all the covid craziness where they had travelled internationally and needed tests and crap.  USF even wanted to lock-up his son in quarantine for a week before classes and do more tests. So instead they ended up staying a few nights with me. It was really cool. We sat-up all night talking and such. I guess what was most remarkable for me was how much he remembered and shared. EVERYTHING was happening so fast and crazy for me, I was lucky to get through it all, let-alone remember anything. It was really a total joy, dreamlike nothing had changed and we were in the dorms again.
      What do you mean . . . 
      Like one example was how he remembered when we went out doing solar sales in Clearwater. Of course, he remembered how he started saying he was a USF student and that would get him into the door for a sale. Of course, I told him how that guy who hired us, had returned to me every ten-years since then! I think, I even mentioned how he was camped out in the back-yard, unable to get his shit together. Still bragging how awesome he was getting the MOST-SALES ever in Clearwater, which was really us instead!
      What else?
      I guess, the next week started again, knowing how his son got stuck in Quarantine, and he decided to come stay with me instead.  I mean, nothing affects me, I've always been indestructible. I mean even the motorcycle accident in High School was 110mph into a curb, where the telephone pole and motorcycle were smashed, while I never broke a single bone.

      Yes, anyway his son is back hanging out here, he asked how ONE PERSON could change anything. So I remembered we had to watch The Chosen. Ok, it wasn't that clear to me, I can be a bit-thick at times. But during his first day here for the weekend, I noticed him reading the back of The Chosen DVD package that I have sitting here. So YES WE need to set-up all the TVs to watch this. . . 

      OH, we can watch it all here and NOW. . . and so we did get through two seasons watching two-three episodes at a time. . . Talking and sharing about it as we went along . . . what a wonderful gift this was for ME! And I certainly was able to answer his question about One Person changing the world.

      I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

      Sunday, August 22, 2021

      adding to the spin of the universe

      Please recognize everything has been developing for billions of years. We’ve all worked really hard all together to get this far. Your personal fears and insecurities are obvious, as we will all process from fear to love sooner or later. That is life's evolution. Yes, this is a deep personal experience for countless generations, to bring consciousness up from the fear in need to love. The Hispanic Street kid with his bike and leather bag of tools, gadgets, and electronics. . . . look at him now . . . again ready to change the world.

      The native Hispanic indigenous Is now sipping from a fine china coffee cup on the Grand Plantation House Patio. He is viewing the yachts and limos; bikes and birdies; stone and steel; all the monuments of largesse before him as he rocked back-and-forth. Busy writing love stories to Jesus Christ!

      The power and clarity of this moment, sharing each experience, now adding more power to the spin of the universe. This love, joy, and excitement for the native indigenous, to sit on these thrones of white supremacy writing and feeling these sacred love stories beyond all creation … stops for a moment, ready to get the free coffee refill! A perfect joy and bliss shared only in Coherent Vibrations.

      And now again, this power and focus is very clear and strong for you. None other have this ease and comfort, where you can build and create such love and joy. Any who you meet, or who come into your space, can feel and experience the power and love of this white elephant, that no one else can see or know as clearly as you do.

      The power and beauty are so obvious, and clear before you. You have created the white elephant over and over again. Each time amassing more beauty and joy, for all to see and feel.

      Building in the 1980s woods of New Jersey, where a few farms remained, you were bringing forth the food and health of Earth. Then again later, in school you were sharing the love and joy of healthy fun, shared openly in experience. Then in college you design and dream newer levels of passion and experience, where all students could explore and build white elephants of their own. Then the 1990s in the county shifting bureaucrats to share Truths in clarity again, creating transparency.

      Then in 1999 the county stopped to let you off, losing your job, wife and mom to return to building white elephants deep in your heart, where your own love and power were lost trying to live the american dream …

      Then 2017 the new college world stopped to let you off; again losing your job, wife and home to return you to building white supremacy elephants deep in your culture, in the city where your own love in power were found again before you . . . that you need to GET BACK TO

      Then once more 2020 Covid stopped the world to let you off! Still you are trying to build the white elephants that you feel responsible for. . . again knowing full-well it's this One Person who can change everything with just One Right Word in One Right Moment.

      Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
      What did you think? We've planned this from the start. Remember it all happens fast. And the lies and stories just vanish, where suddenly everyone only thinks, talks, breaths, and knows the real FOOD! Where you are, and you grow, Nature is all that's left for you. . . 
      I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ,Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ,I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ,Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ,I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ,Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ,I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ,

      Sunday, August 15, 2021

      RitualQuestions for Cristine Legare

      Meet and Greet to establish relations for moving forward.

      How does Eric's attention to synchronicity lead to his new growth and understanding?

      His 1999 transition, came after loosing his job, wife and mother, which brought him into a new experience with his children. The divorce was amicable, where the children spent 1/2 the week with dad at home, and 1/2 the week with mom at her apartment. When speaking with his daughter Emily, halfway through the week, she asked him about learning to heal.  She wanted to cure their mother's skin cancer.

      The next night Eric found a Reiki Practitioner presenting at the Safety Harbor Library. After listening to his program and training, Eric asked if he had ever worked with children. He replied about working with his own daughter also named Emily.

      The name synchronicity between their daughter's names; MEANT for Eric, that he is in the right place, at the right time, to DO AND BE whatever is MOST ideal for him, right now.  Clearly, the Right Reiki Practitioner to train his daughter.

      Eric took the Reiki Practitioner to dinner across the street, and scheduled a weekend training for his children to learn Reiki. The following months, Emily and her brother Christopher cured their mother's skin cancer. Chris even mentioned one evening how his "mom didn't believe" they learned or could do any healing, "Reiki" or otherwise. However, Chris could feel the energy in his hands and it was very present and obvious to him. His mother did not believe. Eric's mother who had been gone months now begin to show up in the children's dreams and they were able to communicate with her regularly.

      Soon the Reiki Practitioner was teaching Eric Reiki and Eric began another transformation learning and growing process into more traditions from his mother.

      On Aug 11, 2021, at 3:46 PM, Rafael Rivera wrote:

      Cristine Legare
      Department of Psychology
      The University of Texas at Austin
      1 University Station #A8000
      Austin, Texas 78712-0187
      Phone: 512-468-8238
      Email: legare@austin.utexas.edu

      Let’s chat again Monday about doing some new research in the area of Spiritual Rituals. We need to create some research to open up the deeper truths of how Synchronicities are the Love Language of the Universe!  Yes, my life always reflects Joy and Love in Synchronicities. Like my own experience this week with randomly calling you, after speaking with my son who starts a new job too.*

      Yes, I told you about dating Kristel, Christine, and then Kristen in High School always in trouble with my buddy Allen. My daughter named after my mom and my son named after these HS buddies: son Chris A. W. Now looking up his new gig to see his bike ride . . . I stumble into his new job.**  

      Then I had to map out his bike ride which he mentioned was about the same as mine as I was doing 10 years getting a Phd. His scenario is evolving and improving from my own. As 1/4 of his trip north for him is passing his girl's office, so they can bike together enhancing their relationship with more powerful bonding moments.  Yes, Dawn mentioned this provides essential bonding time for couples.  My ride was north, while my wife would ride south. I did also stop 1/2 on my trip north to do yoga, but never with my wife (son with 1/4 stop which is quicker and better than 1/2 for my ride). Again this shows the odd synchronicities hidden in the details that follow me. I told him how proud I was as he was improving on the DNA, exactly like I told his sister had with the water pics!

      What Water pictures? He hadn't seen these pics I shared with his sister! Oh, I've been a water engineer all my life, so his Architecture work involving water as linked above (sync*), is also improving on my work. And his sister did one better than me too, sending me a baby picture of her daughter in a creek.  Yes, my daughter and her daughter are here in the creek pictures at 2. Her daughter owns this creek, while my daughter was in the smoky mountains for vacation. This also has my favorite picture of the two kids between my knees at the bottom. They are on the Hillsborough River in the canoe also around age two. Again my kids are improving the DNA experiences onto the next generation. The greatest Compliment I ever received is seeing them BETTER than I!  I'm wicked proud of them both as remarkable people finding their own divinity independently, to step beyond what I could do.

      NOW I SEE, my own Place more clearly.  
      What do these deeper synchronicities reveal to me?
      What can I explore more?

      My son's new gig, is another couple as an Architect firm, similar to his first gig in Tampa. . . lol, yes so now I laugh about seeing another synchronicity of the two "ARCH firms as couples" is what started his girl’s career too. MORE SYNC! 

      I SEE SYNC?  What's my responsibility if I know something EXTRA here?

      Now, I must search this couple and see what they write as linked above (sync**) . . . taking my responsibility to understand and explore deeper, as I see the two-couple architecture firms he's chosen, and NOW I have their first interview QUESTION:
      • MU: What is the role of writing in Architecture? 
      • MLA: I think it’s something that gives us time to reflect and combine disconnected ideas. It’s a process of trying to put words to things we’ve done that we may not completely understand. In writing, something you read six months ago, a project you’re working on right now, and a project that you wrapped up two years ago suddenly come into conversation with one another. 
      NOW . . . at 6:22:44 SYNC CLIP!  screenshot ==>

      NOW I SEE! MORE SYNC! I have seen the syncs and timestamps doubles triples. . . 
      6/22/44  = 3+3 , 2+2. 4+4 . . 
      9  = 3x3

      So all the numbers sync, the pics sync, the videos sync, and now these words sync. . . trying to put words together for things “we may not completely understand". . . all these links, ideas, experiences and data here together in this BLOG might help us. I CAN Edit, and correct this again each day with more clarity. Cristine, and DawnXena can help me develop this . . . while Chris and Emily can watch and FEEL IT bi-locally!

      This new experience that I write in this blog, shows me how I AM, in the Right Place at the Right Time, doing what it is that I MUST DO. Like accepting my responsibility. Accepting that I understand synchronicity. Accepting this is my experience. This is who I am. This is why I am. Maybe stepping into Research that only I can do, maybe even proposing I complete my DrPH  . . . 

      Yes, only a dissertation is missing.
      90 PH credits there on the contracts all completed. 

      YES, New Consciousness Research with Spiritual Rituals ==> Doing Mayan Sun Gaze. . . 

      Now, seeing, growing exploring. . .  instead of speaking to turtles or Mr. Lime, maybe we need to ask some Mushroom questions?

      What could we ask them?
      Where? When? What if this hypothesis is completely correct? What would happen if I randomly walked through a ancient redwood forest to come upon a meadow full of graining bison, or cattle?

      Great to Chat with you last week, you MUST SEE this conversation too:

      Sunday, September 19, 2021

      Mother Earth Delegation will have time

      with Great Grandmother Luisah Teish and the #PNL
      Thanks again, and God Bless you and Yours =)
      Dr Rafe'

      Dr. Eric Rafael Rivera Weaver
      Founder, STARS USA Inc.
      1420 20th Ave.N.
      Saint Petersburg, FL. 33704
      www.starsusa.org <===. See first link to Mom’s Ritual
      813-616-0164 (cell)

      PS: It's always a feeling, the body has been here for billions of years, not the TV
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      PSS: yes this means its you too:
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      yes so all this was designed by all of us together. Please, add your 2-cents as we only will survive workign together in one team. Take my challenge, if you still want the drugs of sport, sugar, potatoes and alcohol, give me one day, and watch all of this:
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