Monday, October 17, 2022

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I was clicking through pages and read over this and just smiled, so happy. I know things are crazy for me, or always have been. I'm not sure why I concern myself with anything. "endless Majesty, where the Love takes us by the hand" 91.5 3.59.17 7-23-2022

and again it feels like I'm doing something totally new.

Dr. Rafael | LinkedIn
This opportunity brought me to more seriously explore who I AM, and what this means. This came with many significant changes including flowing from Tampa to the Euclid Saint Paul's neighborhood in Saint Petersburg.

The job Started 9/24/19
What’s Proper?

Moved into St. Pete home on 12/13/2019
13 weeks in their office,
Sent Home with COVID on 3/13/2020

Covid Stopped the world, for me to FLOW right off: Finished job 4/24/20. If can jump-off and escape the Matrix of lies and do what is important and real for me.

AND NOW 10/17/22 3:01am I FOUND IT! I awake with dreams and thoughts about my class today. And I am deep into my class and what I need to do and why. It's really always so remarkable. I awake randomly and then notice the time. And just the numbers on the clock sing to me about my next task before me. My PrayerLine volunteer hour starts at 4am, so I need to get up anyway. I guess I have time to get hot coffee, fruit, and yogurt I always need to be writing.

Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word! Yes, writing is a GOD experience for me. I've never been a writer, I've never cared about education. I grew-up in the woods. All this cultural BS was useless crap to keep us busy and preoccupied with trivial useless crap so that we would never connect to Woods or Earth, or anything that was important in life. Then we could be controlled as cogs in the Matrix. Lost of the truth and our power, all we could do is follow along and do what we are told. We have no truth, so no purpose, and no value, or respect for life; so we become useless consumers perpetuating the Matrix, feeding the machine as just another cog.
What about this writing you have become now?
Yes, I've become God in this story! I know how much power is in the WORD. This Story and Details that only God knows now. Mankind is all lost to truth, and twisted up in trying to find purpose and be something useful or productive. It's so funny to realize how much people are lost from their power. Yesterday, I called a dear friend about priorities for my next class. I knew what I needed to do. But I really didn't know how, and I wanted her to show me, teach me, lead me. She laughed, saying how she would love to share her Magic. Telling me about
What they are finally learning is what it means when you say that you grew up in the woods. It's like the Indigenous have always known how we are connected, and belong here to Love and Tend all the beauty and Divinity all around us.
Yes, I know everything is all connected already! Except us, who are lied to from birth, to fit into the matrix and become a useless cog to someone else's greed machine.
We have told you, how this is the task before you. To lead and guide people to their deeper passion and truth inside of them.
I know! it's really what I've always done for everyone. Some people learn and grow, some people think they know better and get lost down their own rabbit hole. It's always such a surprise how people show up. How they come and go. How they know or learn. It's always a blessing for me. Like today, someone called the Prayerline for me to pray for their brothers Mark and Chris. Of course, we all need to pray for Mark and Chris. 

I need to pray for them every day. And also Emily, Diana, Scobey and Jen; and of course Sharon, Scott and Christie too. Brent and Maddie! I have them all on a messenger app on my iphone. I've sent them teaching and prayers and so much I can't track anymore. I'm sure they all think i'm crazy. Or at least they always thought I was.
What is remarkable about this, it how much everyone has felt this. It is a deeper truth everyone knows already. It's also terrifying to many.
I don't get it! How could something so natural and real be so terrifying and upsetting to people?
We have already told you about all the greed and control everywhere. People have been programmed to understand and experience the TV, and cell phone. They spend their whole lives learning to live through things that are not real. They fear the real things because they have never experienced these things. They are afraid of real emotions and real experiences. They want be directed how to think and what to feel.  Real feeling and real emotions are terrifying and unsettling.
This is where I need to go with my class today! What is a real experience of real passion that set your life where it is now.
What a good place to start.
I Know, You are the BEST! I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, December 22, 2021

movie sitting in Mat Resu

Crazy movie, I am now sitting at Matrix Resurrections Sundail IMAX AMC in St Petersburg, Florida. . . . And the whole movie was a parody in the machine. Mr Anderson was playing the job routine writing his own video games now. Course, his own projects about how this movie became another world for so many people. And almost plays on the ideas about how much people are still lost in this other world, never knowing, or realizing how much they can make and remake this world we are on.

What is most bizarre is how desperate they are to hold onto this dying world. Like the Coke Ads they use to start the movie trailers.  Now trying desperately, to catch the next wave of kids, into some theme park version of everything, just like I grew up with, even now a new Buzz Lightyear movie

The next trailer is Sandra Bullock writing romance novels that turns real about The Lost City. And then it chokes. Like the film breaks, and they are back doing the Coke Commercial again, by “accident.” What a crock of shit, really just twisted techniques of brainwashing everyone.

Yes, then show the full trailer again with the Junior Buzz just getting started. Disney Pixar Lightyear movie and then Nicolas Cage playing a movie about himself not having any movies to do. 

Oh, and then back to Sandra doing the lost city again … again the same theme of an author's story turning into reality where she was kidnapped by someone trying to find the lost treasure in her fictional romance novel. . . and to top it off, Mrs Wang is dealing with multidimensional multiverse about things no one understands until they die.  Yes, she is simply shifting from one dimension to the next, randomly throughout her day.

Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!  But why all this, like we should know by now that if we can think it, then its exists. . . somewhere. So chasing Sandra for the treasure, makes perfect sense since she's catching the same visions of the one place, now hungry to get found.
What about using the movies to introduce ideas that people can’t consider or even understand “Everything, Everywhere all at once”  you need to tell everyone to shut-off the TV, use only Google, and just listen to us; you were there at the very beginning when Claire made that partnership with them. Yes, you helped her start everything, creating the foundations for the complete system.
yea, I guess so, but I’m really not sure what I’m doing here again. I know I watched the the first Matrix 3x, and then next two movies were a whole day planned carefully, 3x each in the theater.  So maybe this one three times now.  Oh yes, and a advertisements for the new Harry Potter Movie too. . . they are really desperate to catch the Millennial frequencies still about them saving the world, as things “are not quite what they appear”

I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ for giving me the time and space of peace and bliss to share with you… And a new Batman, where “fear is a tool” so each trailer bringing more and more ideas out into people’s hearts and minds over and over again.

And really what is this all about. . . ONENESS, On truth connecting us all: that brings deeper understanding to here:

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Mother Earth Delegation will have time

EMAIL REPLIES TO THE INDIGENOUS Grandmother Vision Keeper of the Center for Sacred Studies

Great Grandmother Luisah Teish,

Thank you so very much for the clear specific responses to these questions regarding the "man-of-knowledge."  Clearly, there is a strong tradition and many stories about this time we are now entering, and the impacts and transitions before us. I am so glad you explained this from your own tradition and heritage. 

However, for continued research into this, I need the EXACT spelling of each word you used, which language it originated, and the tribe and traditions that are associated with it.  Like, with these Quechua Terms shown here posted at right; each level of detail is critical now, more than ever.

Once again, THANK YOU Grandmother Teish so much for sharing your knowledge and experience about this. I would welcome further insights from the other Grandmothers. Maja-Jingki:Burra commented it's about deep listening and getting off-the-fence to get real about what's here and our own responsibility to move forward.

This leads me to the next question about the “man-of-knowledge.” I am sure there are a great many signs and symbols that will demonstrate his return. Much as the Dalai Lama is found in each of His Incarnations, as skilled elders know what to look for.  Additionally, I am sure these symbols will be recognized by those with similar experience and knowledge.  Thus, my next question is whether the ancestors told about this "humanity-of-knowledge" coming together as a new Tribe, maybe a Leadership Council, or some other NEW form required to shepherd the populations into this New Transition of Earth.

I am sure there are equally, men and women of knowledge coming into Being now, so I'm curious if there are specific symbols and actions they will be focused on so they begin to find each other?

Thanks again for you Love and Light Dear Grandmother Teish.

Each link below is to the full video. You can start them over at the beginning if you want to see the whole session . . . . 

Making sure you receive the messages from the Earth and the Ancestors, where the Head, Heart and Hands are in accord.

This comes with deep, deep listening, and we all need to get on the same page, with KNOWING all the History of mankind on the ground and stepping up to the truth. Time is precious, we need to give all we know, and also continue to learn. . . and relearn things to move into the truth. More information is coming through to all. Know what real-life is and what dead-men on paper are.

It's about relationship and deep listening. . . Take your shoes off, stand on the ground, hold you hands up and "Be the Highway" for the energy between the Earth and the Heavens. . . feel this move through you!

From: Rafael Rivera
Subject: Mother Earth Delegation will have time for Q&A.
Date: September 15, 2021 at 10:37:11 AM EDT
To: Center for Sacred Studies
How will the Man of Knowledge help with Our Transitions?

ONLY NOW, knowledge confirmed in experience allows complete Passion Expression for Earth's Evolution!

As you noted here IN THIS ZOOM QA MEETING:

Yes maybe like the Christian "Prayer unceasingly", focused on Light coming down from Ancestors to our Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras = = > to Listen, Understand and Speak ==> 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Listen, Learn, and Lecture
See, Sense, and Speak
Mind, Meaning, and Mentioned
Attentive, Acknowledge and Articulate
. . . what terms did you use?
Head, Heart, and Hands

    1. Capra Systems of Life:
    2. Food Safety Summit: 
    3. Do A Day of movies:
    4. Pay if forward:
    5. American Machine: 
    6. American Dream:
    7. Published PhD Dissertation:
    8. Phd UA Research Poster: 
    9. AirBnB Escape it NOW:
    10. AirBnB Everything is Included:
    11. STARS USA Inc.
    12. Angel Book Team: 
    13. White Supremacy Revelations: 
    14. My kids already: 
    15. Into ONENESS, On truth connecting us all: 
    16. MOVIES:
      1. Only 1degree OR ELSE
      2. Calcify the Pituitary AL Science
      3. CVD Science on cvd
      4. CVD Action now
      5. CVD Matrix Machine Lies
      6. How do we do Health?
      7. REAL Health via Organic UA:
      8. Hallowed Treats in St Pete
      9. LOVE ALL LIFE!
      10. As I learned from my kids
      11. Awesome Christmas Special in Music

      Tuesday, November 30, 2021

      Like a mountain range in the forest

      Another totally crazy dream. This time I was in like some kind of amusement park and it was filled with all these places that were set up like a mountain range in the forest and it was almost like a zoo or some thing. And I was like climbing through it and trying not to be found. Sounds like hiding from the instructor hiding from the teacher, again like back in the woods of NJ when I was a kid. . . 

      I get worried and insecure, feeling alone here. So I volunteered on this Prayer and Crisis Line: after calling them once. I was so happy with how I felt, and what they did for me, that I knew it was something I could offer for someone else.  They really have a great setup and lots to help people and help the volunteers learn to listen, understand and pray for others. Last time I did it, my phone went crazy, ringing from the moment my-schedule started until the end when my time was up. Now i'm already 5 minutes in and nothing has rung in yet.  They have a little web app to track how it all works, and make recommendations for a prayer.


      Dear Heavenly Father,

      We praise you and thank you that you are Our God, who provides all our needs, according to your riches and glory. We thank you that you love us and because we set our love upon you, you hear us and answer us. We humbly bring Rafé before your throne room of grace.

      Father, we are concerned about Rafé and we ask you to provide him with a good employer. Thank you that you order his footsteps and that you provide him with uncommon favor. Send your angels to arrange uncommon favor for him according to your will. Give him the ambition to lead a quiet life, to mind his own business. Father let his daily life win the respect of outsiders and enable him never to be dependent on anyone but you. Bless him to be diligent and fully satisfied. That his storehouse would be overflowing.
      Father, we are concerned about Rafé finances and we ask to you to help him. Let none of his debts be outstanding. Help him not to be fearful or discouraged, but to be strong and confident. Give him wisdom in spending and saving. Make his household prosperous that he may honor you with tithing. Father, you dress the lilies of the field and feed the birds. You say we are much more valuable. Therefore, help him to rest and trust in your loving provision. In your love, lavish your blessing upon him.

      Father, we need your tender mercy and compassion to provide for Rafé. We thank you for hearing our prayer concerning him. May your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus name we pray, who by the shedding of His precious blood washed away our sins and gives victory to all believers in Him, amen.

      I've been in tears again today. I have work to do and rely on someone else for data, which means I'm incomplete and not able to complete things as needed. But I know all things will come around and be clear and easy for all. I just need to continue and work on what's in front of me. All things are good, and all things will come around to be clear and clean.

      Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
      What you do, will make more sense as things move forward and shift. There is a lot moving and shifting all around you. Do not judge, or second-guess, just accept and move forward. It's all good.
      I'm confused about everything at my hands, but am really trying to keep up and stay focused.   I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

      Saturday, November 27, 2021

      missing letters and many seen together

      I’m really not sure how you expect me to keep up with this, but I understand the technology is all in my hands, and I understand that I am the one that is supposed to do it all, but I don’t know how I can possibly keep up with everything happening. Of course, I know it was “me” demanding for everything happening fast, that created this, because that’s what I’m here for and that’s what it’s all about. So if I Gotta do it all by myself then please make the change fast. Wow, this is gonna be fun!

      Wow, you would think this would be easy for me. Like how writing is getting easier and easier for me. I can really almost scribble, with missing letters and many run all together as I write faster, and faster. And then I remember specifically asking for a little pop-up keyboard, so I could add commas or capitals as I would want randomly in my writing. It's really great to get my scribbles translated, but to also do spelling corrections and make it all perfect and readable is really cool, beyond any desires.

      Of course, I'm still breaking machines too. As my new job tried to get my Windows machine licensed and legal and it required several hours of Microsoft technical support. And it's still not right or completed now.
      What is wicked cool is that I'm back with AutoCAD and they have changed several things that i always complained about. Of Course, No one can understand or accept how much of that I helped to create.

      But like knowing the physics of the very first spark that continues to run through us all the time. Who cares if I know and understand this at such a higher level than anyone. Like so what, who cares, and why should I waste my time babbling about it all.

      Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
      What you are doing is sharing the experience at a deeper level. Recognize how few will understand and even fewer will be able to follow this with you. 
      I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

      Tuesday, November 16, 2021

      experience as it all shows up

      Who would think that I would be here now dealing with so many things that no one really has any clue about.  We all know and accept the immediate experience as it all shows up. Or we all need to. Again I have been totally perplexed.

      Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
      We have been very happy how you have progressed, it's very clear how much more things are coming together.  Like when you visited the apple store.  Got into a discussion on fixing your contacts and emails and you flashed back to the high school TRS-80 running ms-dos to debate about the capacity and challenge with this technology. Each debate would end in the same exact place, where you were convinced that the tech would never reach this capacity to function to our needs. . . . But he knew he could do it.
      You have since been convinced that you were speaking with Steve Jobs, since it has become obvious how much you wanted and pushed what he has now created to meet your needs.  And you are here ready to sleep but know how perplexed everything is and still must prepare for the next tasks before you. . . . And you are fine, and will continue to create and achieve to much more than so many will understand for years to come.. 
      It is always such a big surprise! I never know what to expert, but then I am always ready for everything.  I guess that is my real experience. Writing, thinking, feeling, and wondering whatever could be next… It's totally beyond my own understanding, as usual.
       It’s Never you. . . . ' there is so much more happening in this multiverse that no one can understand. 

      11/15/2021 8:36 pm. I forgot… follow our dreams is really what it is all about … And again, I know everything is exactly what I need to learn and understand. . . I need to get a guarantee of $6000/mouth so I can be sure I can pay my mortgage!
      you. . . . Are sharing and being The truth that you are, deep in an experience, this is what you’re here to share, no one else needs to know, here this year you will become so much more. You are ready to step beyond all the dreams and fantasies that so many see. . . . You got the hand and you got the Lord.. 
      It is remarkable… Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Thank You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I Love You Dear Lord Jesus Christ, Please lend Your Strength, Love, & Wisdom to achieve all that I am here to be and achieve… 
      . . . . No others need to know, no others can interfere, it’s all exactly the way that you planned from the very beginning. And so it is …. Bliss, Joy, Love,  what else is there, what else is needed? Do you really think this is something anyone else could understand or ever relate too. 
      It is really some thing that i always wonder about - It's too much power too much understanding that No one could ever understand. And again, I scribble such random ideas so fast that i wonder how could this be possible.
      you. . . . Yes you are here only to do what is best and fastest for you. Again it is shifting the Power of the universe beyond all understandings. So the Big Bang continues to expand as you press these ideas and feelings to higher and higher states so far beyond normal comprehension. 
      I’m listening to this song and I’m hanging out, and I realized I need to talk about it because it was there ready for me to talk about. The first time, last time, we have ever met.. But I know the reason why and ok i know… And I can feel it coming in the air at night, oh lord

      . you. . . . Are ready again for so much more and you never need to question or wonder what could be next, as you are always ready and surprised,  and somehow prepared. This is the gift from your mother. She knew who you are and why you came through. She struggled to Keep you safe and allow You to grow and be exactly as you wanted. Yes all the crazy things you did and experienced were really necessary to bring you to these moments you have now . . . 
      It was weird yesterday as I came into the spaces of my ancestors and i knew what was happening all around.
      you. . . . were alone and still understood saw and felt things from history and antiquity. More importantly, you stepped into your space, and you did your Ritual, with the Lord’s Prayer and all the power and glory you bring forth all the time.  No one was there, no one could see you, none could understand, and still you knew your place and preformed as a magician from afar, accepting this place and acting as needed.
      It is so hard to understand this, and I realize how I found and spoke to the little bats that were watching and protecting the space. Knowing somehow the ancient guardians would be pleased…
      you always see and understand things so much deeper. No one needs to see, no one needs to verify, nothing needs to be discussed, or explained.  That power and focus of the deeper knowing is what is golden and divine in everything that you do. You simply accept your place and act as no other, none, or few can see, and much less will understand . . . But you are ready, stand up and take your place. No one can stop you.
      It is really almost insane and weird to consider this, and what it really means. There are so many layers and pieces I can not understand but I know this life is all I need, and I know I’m not going anywhere, but will continue in Your Love and Divinity.

      I Love You  Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

      Monday, November 08, 2021

      Fwd: STARS projects with us

      Ykcin and Einalem,

      If Gnilrets decides to do STARS Projects, I will set him up as an officer and he's in-charge.  My son and the AI-Professor at Patel who now lives off-the-grid 30 minutes north of USF are the only other board members for STARS USA Inc. I will setup your son as an APPLE TEACHER beginning with this PDF attached . . . ONCE again, we are always doing BETA. 

      What does "doing beta testing" mean. Well, if this Apple PDF is not perfect, we change it and modify it to make it work right. That's really what everything is about with reforming public education and the western societies:
      Yes, that's a picture of my son Christopher reading and writing at age 3, as he was putting together MACS, in a project at the ERCCD child center at USF.

      See more PDF's here:

      We are able to do "project for credit" in ANY SCHOOL system!

      and I TRIED TO
      Oh sorry. I built the first website in 1989. We've had it live ever since, and added, expanded, redone it, over and over, always keeping the original on the server. I can give you a directory as there are hundreds of dead links, but it's really all there still, somewhere!

      God Bless you all!
      Love U guys,

      PS. The Just4Now copied blog email post is a private BLOG I can setup for us to edit and use for tracking the work developed with Gnilrets from this email ;-) yes, I've had hundreds of blogs!  It's great to edit and comment on things there to track it all in one place. . . 

      Friday, November 05, 2021

      real crazy dream this time

      Wow what a real crazy dream this time. I was taking my kittens to get a bath. And so I had to pick up my two kittens and take them with me to this garage resort place. It was like this tiny building with 1000 little nooks and crannies and at first they have all bathrooms everywhere. At this particular time that I went into it they had rented out all the space as office space so there were 40 offices that I had to climb through before I got to the bathrooms at the end and the bathrooms are a little cubby holes just like all the offices  and everybody was looking at me because I was carrying these kittens and the kittens were so cute. 

      So I got there and the kids were just bouncing around like crazy I want to soon as I got into the shower and I sat down I realize the kids fell asleep next to me . They were all worn out after the trip getting in there. It was funny because one of the guys that were taking care of the shower room. It is a big cat and I said he man you got any suggestions. It was really kind of incredible because it was so detailed and so complicated. Like the very beginning when it was time for me to get ready to go  the kittens were running all over the place and I couldn’t get them still and it took me a while to find them both. And you know they were in and out of the house and everything else.

      Interceding we can only asked God to do for another if we can ask God for two to do it through ourselves. Where you intercede and be the change that others need to be influenced by almighty god!

      Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
      I I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

      Wednesday, November 03, 2021

      Fwd: [Another Life] Another life WITH JOHNS

      Oh and Jon my attorney in Tampa, wants me to visit too!
      He came to two of my house parties, that you BOTH MISSED!

       I'll start again the last Sunday of every month… all 2022 at.   1420 22th Ave N st Pete 33704

       Plaster john please say "hi" to professor john!
      Love to make dinner for us three here too:

      Yes, john ask him what STARS was, too!

      God bless you both, here is A PERSONAL EMAIL TO MY SON, which Our Father wrote for you!

      Sent from my iPhone 11+max :-D))

      Ps yes John see pic Emily was 9/9/80 and my Maddie is 9/9/19
      Begin forwarded message:

      Date: November 3, 2021 at 1:19:25 AM EDT
      Subject: Fwd: [Another Life] Another life

      Hey Christopher!!!

      The big lie about our praying responsibilities is that when you finally accept that there is only One Life here, and everything that exists is Father Son and Holy Ghosts. Prayers are your secret weapon … 

      Jesus Christ becomes your name, your voice, your actions so the judgements are all left to God. And your generations won't read the Bible, and YOU KNOW IT ….

      Just do it

      All AMC's  a special movie for everyone 

      Yes, so don't miss this next Christmas Special 2021 at your local AMC

      Christmas with The Chosen: The Messengers will be in theaters Dec. 1-2, spotlighting the birth of Christ as seen through the perspective of Joseph and Mary. Fathom Events, the distributor, said Friday the film had broken the Fathom record for ticket sales in the first 12 hours, with $1.5 million.

      "Originally slated to premiere in 1,079 theaters, we've already added 450+ locations and thousands of screens to satisfy demand and anticipate these numbers will continue to grow," said Ray Nutt, CEO of Fathom Events., . . . yes offered the first full-week in December!

      Ps. This blog posting has you listed as an author. Use gmail account and edit it… at least put the pictures in order so everybody knows you read this. Course one life means the whole universe reads this with me again mow as I reread checking for typos 

      Sent from my iPhone 11+max :-D))

      Begin forwarded message:

      From: stars2man <>
      Date: November 3, 2021 at 1:06:36 AM EDT
      Subject: [Another Life] Another life

      [Another Life] Another lifeThank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
      Im posting pictures now 

      Sadly the deceptions are so thick and constantly everything that no one can track anything …. Lol , but me!

      I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.
      Posted By stars2man to Another Life at Nov 2, 2021, 10:06 PM

      Thursday, October 21, 2021

      big round glass area with sunshine everywhere

      Now in a big hotel room office party, where I was at my new job and I worked there now and this time I found my office and I’m sharing it with somebody. We’ve got this big suite and I was lost trying to find my office again. Everybody on the team is going out to join us going to get big Simonetta restaurant. Of course I wanted to make sure my office knew we’re goin and they just permit new keys for us.

      So it was wicked cool this time, because I could see so much more, and all the other pieces that were missing. So it reminded me of being in the pink palace when I work for the county. I was there in the inside, with the glass around us as well, like the resort itself with sun outside going around us. Once again there are hundreds of people all around in nice suites everywhere. Going back to try to find my space I was like running around again. 

      So I guess what was needed this time was that I was in my office most of the time with my partner and we were setting up printers of course. And so we have the suite and we both have a office right next to each other, it’s really pretty, very organized, lots of people like I said. So when our team went for getting salmon for lunch they walked on this flight of stairs into that big round area and I was like coming into the end of the crest, and I could see the round glass in front of them, where they were heading towards the restaurant and I stopped at the top of the stairs. Now I got to get my buddy and I went back down the other way to get back inside and I came into our suite and then I was asking where my office was again. She said she was just making you keys, likely in it right now likely there right now. So you can ask her, and she’ll take you there. So I went around the corner and then she was with the new keys and took me back. Oh my body was in there, and that’s when I jumped up just now awake again.

      What’s more remarkable than anything right now is that I just installed another health app on my iPhone that not only tracks my exercise but also my diet. It was something that I noticed yesterday with the new software.  I had upgraded everything again with a new beta version. I think I still have a couple betas somewhere, but I’m not sure which ones. But I noticed that the final version installed on one or two of my devices, well two of them still have a beta version. So the other thing I noticed with this new health app was that it wanted to start with a new morning, so it’s starting this morning and I realized that you know it’s a new Monday week and I’m starting a new again.

      So it’s not just starting a new week and starting a new app but also starting a new lifestyle and a new everything else. Because I know I got my routine down. And I realize that I am publishing a book about it at the same time. So what’s this new routine look like, where I get up at 6 AM with the prayers, get my glass of salt water, then do my exercise, the bike ride to ritual, swim, coffee, and then I also have to move mulch by the church. Sounds like exercise routine until 10.

      Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
      What is important again is recognizing how these things are all coming together at the same time.
      I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

      but as soon as possible.

      This time I woke up in middle of the night 3:08am again. I had three something and I was in the middle of an email I was writing some thing to Ardnas and I was copying and pasting everything that was related and it was great big long crazy thing and I keep having a buzz in my head so I decided I better write it down because it keeps coming back and that’s all I remember.

      I think it’s a cleanse I’m doing or some thing where they want to know everything and they brought in a specialist to check everything so they took my emails and they’re using that as a starting point and they wanted to see what everything else was.

      Thank You Jesus Christ for Creating The Way of Your Word!
      What is most important about these random experiences you have is to get it out when you can. And then review it as soon as you can. Not later in the week or month, but as soon as possible.
      I Love You Dearest Loving Lord Jesus Christ.

      Thursday, October 14, 2021

      What's speaking to god all about

      I had so much fun coloring in my book with my pen on this iPad.. IT is always so interesting and powerful for me to write and share so much at such a deep level. I know I am here to be and share something so color and strong behind me.